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How to Remove Jammed Paper from Printer?

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If you want to fix paper jam error on your printer you can quick solution for various such issues causing the paper jam issue on your computer. We have discussed all the troubleshooting process for paper jam problem on various printers stuck with papers inside.


Steps to Clear Paper Jams in Printers:

  • Turn off the printer
  • Open up the main cover
  • Slowly remove paper
  • Remove the print head and try again
  • Check the output tray
  • Try further disassembly
  • Clean the print heads

If you need help just call us 1-888-818-1263 and allow the remote access to your printer connected computer, we will check manually and fix the actual problem causing the printer paper jam error. Our expert techies will also help you for solving various types of other issues on your printer machines or printer connected computers running on Windows or Mac devices.



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